Wellness and Spirituality

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How to rediscover the wholeness, the ideal harmony between body, mind and soul, inevitably fractured by the pressure and pace of modern life. Italy has countless spas and wellness centres, where you can soothe mind and body with treatments that range from the healing, hot spring waters, beloved of the ancient Romans, to state of the art thalassotherapy, lava caves, wine baths and relaxing massages. Unwind, detox, regenerate in beautiful locations far from the hustle of city life: alpine valleys, tranquil lakes, green hills.

For an uplifting spiritual experience, tap into Italy’s 2000 year tradition of faith, prayer and meditation. Follow ancient pilgrimage paths to mountain shrines, remote churches in unspoilt timeless landscapes. Recover a lost sense of peace on a retreat in a convent or monastery, set deep in the Italian countryside. Silence, the calm discipline of the religious and the beauty of your surroundings will leave you with lasting inspiration and tranquility.

Our itineraries:

  • Beauty farms
  • Yoga classes
  • Holistic retreats
  • Physical Healing retreats
  • Wellness thalassotherapy relaxation
  • Fitness and leisure
  • Hot Springs/Spas
  • Cocooning and relaxation
  • Holy shrines and sacred sites
  • Pilgrimages
  • Meditation and retreat vacations