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When shopping is sublime! Prada, Valentino, Alessi… The top names and labels in the fabolous pantheon of Italian fashion and design genius. Parmesan, virgin olive oil, amaretti, Chianti… The incomparable flavors of authentic Italian foods, gifts of the Mediterranean climate and of traditional skill honed over thousands of years.
Browsing the boutiques of stylish downtown avenues, choosing hand painted ceramics in a village craft shop, hunting up cut price designer labels in the out of town outlets. No better way than shopping to enter into the spirit of Italy and to take home a little of that famous Italian style and creativity. Shop with the Italians and find those bargains!

In every old village centre, whether in the mountain valleys or along the coast, you will find that craftsmen’s workshops are thriving. Woodcarving, ceramics, metal working: the old techniques are kept alive, the old tools are still used to create beautiful, handcrafted objects, for you to fall in love with and take home as a lasting memory of your holiday.
If, like Oscar Wilde, you “… can resist anything but temptation”, Italy is the place for you to shop. The range and quality of the “temptations” Italy offers is superb, absolutely unique, from fashion to design, from craft to food and wine. Let us help you to give in to temptation…

Our itineraries:

  • Personal Shopper service
  • Italian designer label outlets
  • Italian designer factories
  • Customer friendly boutiques
  • Designer fashion bargains
  • City street markets
  • Food & wine shopping tours
  • Retail shops