Music and Theatre

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Opera, jazz, tarantella, cinema. From North to South, Italy is alive with vibrant music and theatre performances. You will find an incredible variety of music and theatre events. From traditional mandolin music and village dance festivals to internationally acclaimed opera and jazz performances. With the opportunity to tour prestigious opera theatres and the movie sets where world famous actors and directors created classic Italian films.

At any time of the year you can catch a Verdi classic in a city opera theatre, or enjoy the rich bill of fare at one of the many prestigious music, theater or dance festivals that stud the cultural calendar. But it is the long hot night of the Italian summer that these events become a total sensuous experience, as the performances move outdoors to sumptuous historic venues. A travelling jazz festival in the medieval village squares of Umbria, dance and drama in the ancient Greek temples of Sicily, Mozart quartets in the gardens of a splendid royal palace. While each summer opera lovers flock to Verona to hear the vast Roman amphitheatre ring to the tragic notes of an unforgettable Tosca or Madame Butterfly.

Our itineraries:

  • Music festivals
  • Opera tickets
  • Theatre
  • Live jazz performances
  • Dance workshops
  • Cinecittà movie studio tours
  • TV Soap opera set tour
  • Meetings with Italian actors and directors